If you are looking for "REAL MEXICAN" food and not the type that obviously comes from "gringos loose in the kitchen" then you need to fiesta at El Porton Mexican Restaurant.   After promptly being seated the wait staff (almost entirely Hispanic) serves a wonderfully fresh and spicy version of salsa. The cheese dip is a white version and very thick ... it actually sticks to the tortilla corn chips! The real surprise is that the Guacamole dip tastes fresh ... and it tastes like avocado.
At El Porton Mexican Restaurants, everything is prepared daily with fresh, healthy ingredients. Your experience is enhanced by the most reliable and professional service.

What really grabs your attention is the scent of the meals served on the patio. It entices the senses before you are even seated. The aroma of fresh sizzling fajitas being served often causes waiting patrons to sneak a peek and wonder if it would be rude to ask, "What is being served at THAT table?" If the weather is pretty, lunch could temptingly last all day. The seating is limited in the patio area, so it is a real treat to get a table there on a nice day.